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WHINT Interface Documentation for SAP Process Orchestration

WHINT Interface Documentation for SAP PI/PO


This solution creates an automatic documentation of your interface landscape by generating PDF documents in plain text describing your SAP Process Orchestration Configuration Scenario.

The structure is as follows:

  • One PDF document is created per Configuration Scenario
  • Each Sender Interface generates a new page
  • Each Receiver System (one or more) is listed with
    • one or more Receiver Interface(s), Channel(s) and Mappings
    • Mappings are listed with all mapping steps (programs)
  • All unassigned routing objects will be collected into a Generic Scenario called “_Objects_not_assigned.pdf

The overall logic is using the structure of the Interface Catalog, providing a complete list of all end-to-end interfaces of your landscape: How to use the results of WHINT InterfaceCatalog.

Template Structure:

Scenario: <PI Configuration Scenario Name>
<Description of Scenario>

<No.>. <SenderParty> <SenderService> <Interface>

<Description of Integrated Configuration / Receiver Determination>

   - Party:     <Sender Party>
   - Service:   <Sender Service>
   - Channel:   <Sender Channel>
   - Interface: <Interface Name>
                <Interface Namespace>

   /> RECEIVER <No.>
      - Party:     <Receiver Party>
      - Service:   <Receiver Service>
      - Routing:   <Routing Rule or Receiver Determination Mapping>
                   <Mapping Parameters>

      /> INTERFACE <No.>
         - Interface:   <Interface Name>
                        <Interface Namespace>
         - Channel:     <Sender Channel>
         - Mapping:     <Operation Mapping Name>
                        <Operation Mapping Namespace>
             Parameter: <Name>:<Value>
               Request: <Step No.> (<Type>) <Mapping Program Name> 
                                            (<Imported Archive>)
                                            <Mapping Program Namespace>
              Response: <Step No.> (<Type>) <Mapping Program Name> 
                                            (<Imported Archive>)
                                            <Mapping Program Namespace>
             Exception: <Step No.> (<Type>) <Mapping Program Name> 
                                            (<Imported Archive>) 
                                            <Mapping Program Namespace>
         - Routing:     <Routing Rule>


  • You need to have the WHINT Interface Catalog already, which reads all interfaces and routings from your Integration Directory. Instead creating an Excel document, multiple PDF documents are created.
  • Import the ESR Content “WHINT_IFD, 2016.10 of” (TPZ provided by Whitepaper InterfaceDesign) into your SAP Process Orchestration ESR.

Configuration Guide

  • Change the existing iFlow/Integrated Configuration (PO) or Receiver Determination (PI) to add the Receiver Interface ConfigurationScenario_In [] with the appropriate Operation Mapping InterfaceCatalogWithScenarios_To_ConfigurationScenario_Split [].
  • Assign a the lookup channel (e.g. created from template REST_RCV_ESR_750) using the pattern <service>:<channel>
  • The file name of the PDF is used from the Configuration Scenario.

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