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Posts tagged as “SAP CPI”

WHINT RabbitMQ Adapter for SAP Cloud Integration


Functionality This Apache-Camel based Adapter for SAP Cloud Integration  supports the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) to connect to RabbitMQ, a reliable way to establish a properly decoupled application integration…

WHINT Interface Catalog for SAP Cloud Integration


Functionality This solution provides you with an overview about your Cloud Integration Content: All relevant information from your SAP Cloud Integration Tenant: Integration Artifacts (Interfaces) with Externalized Configuration Parameters Service…

Cloudy with a Chance of …Interfaces


…with a chance of good Interfaces! Good interfaces are robust, reliable, maintenance-friendly and also support independence! We see more and more cloud applications appearing and also several cloud platforms which…

SAP Middleware comparison: CPI vs. PO


There are some blog posts existing about comparing SAP´s Middleware Solutions from an architectural perspective: On-Premise: SAP Process Orchestration (PO), with SAP PI, SAP BPM, SAP BRM Cloud: SAP Cloud…

WHINT MessageVolume Report as a Service (MVR aaS)


You are interested in a smart overview of the messaging runtime data of your SAP Process Orchestration Interface Landscape and would like to receive a MessageVolume Report with all your messages…

Onboarding Guide WHINT Middleware Services for SAP Cloud Integration


This schema shows the Onboarding process for our Middleware Services: WHINT Interface Catalog aaS WHINT MessageVolume Report aaS Configuration Guide for SAP Cloud Connector: Install SAP Cloud Connector from In case you…