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In this section you will find Configuration Guides with Examples for our Solutions

WHINT FileReader Adapter (On-Premise)


Functionality This Receiver Adapter is able to read a file from a directory (NFS/FTP/SSH) and process it further. The standard SAP File Sender Adapter is only able to continuously poll a directory…

WHINT DynamicQueue Writer


Functionality This Adapter Module is able to set the EOIO Queue/Sequence Id by putting it together from existing DC values or by accessing the XML payload using an XPATH. Prerequisites…

WHINT MessageVolume Report


Functionality This solution reads the performance data of each PO/PI Adapter Engine and creates a report (monthly/weekly/daily) with the message volumes per Interface: Count (number of messages) Processing Time (average processing time…

WHINT DynamicConfiguration Writer


Functionality This Adapter Module is able to set the value of a Dynamic Configuration (DC) value, also known as Adapter Specific Message Attribute (ASMA). You can build the name by…

WHINT Payload ReplaceString


Functionality This Adapter Module is able to replace a string of any payload with another one. Binary objects are (of course) not supported, the payload must be text-based. Prerequisites Deploy the…